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Current release – Fiscal Client 1.2.8.

The latest release of the Fiscal Client (version 1.2.8) is available in the downloads section of the RetailForce website. Major innovations mainly concern the German country version (FiskalDE) under Linux.

FiskalDE – swissbit Hardware TSE

As main features, the new version 1.2.8. supports the swissbit hardware TSE under Linux, via the Docker container, and under android (beta).


For the nuget implementation, the IntelliSense class documentation has been added to the nuget packages, making development easier.

RetailForce Cloud Portal

The Global Search Box of the RetailForce Cloud Portal has been improved so that global search terms can now be used for search results from organisations, companies, shops as well as terminals.

Furthermore, larger files can now also be transmitted to the RetailForce Cloud. For large files, the upload continues (restart).

The complete release notes can be found in markdown in the folder of version 1.2.8 in the downloads directory: