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Firmware Update Swissbit Hardware TSE

A firmware upgrade is available for the Swissbit hardware TSE. We recommend that all customers who use a Swissbit hardware TSE in Germany to comply with the KassenSichV and received it before 01 July 2021 upgrade to the current firmware. According to swissbit, the new firmware (version 1.1.0.) increases product reliability and should be installed to prevent hardware defects that may occur in rare cases.

The functionality of the TSE is not affected by the firmware update, downward compatibility is confirmed by swissbit. The testing of the new software version by the BSI has already been successfully completed.

Replacement of TSE, in case of hardware defects will only be carried out if they already contain the new firmware. In principle, Swissbit only delivered TSEs with the new firmware version after 01 July 2021. Due to scheduling overlaps in hardware shipping, it cannot be ruled out that TSEs with older firmware still arrived at customers shortly after 01 July.

We therefore recommend checking the firmware version of swissbit hardware TSEs in use.

We have created a solution article for you in the RetailForce Support Portal, which describes how to check the firmware version of the TSE and perform the firmware update. You can find the article at:

The new firmware version can be found in the download section of the RetailForce website at: