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Important Release 1.2.13

Attention: in order to continue to meet the legal requirements of the KassenSichV, all systems in Germany must be updated to the current release version 1.2.13 by 31 June 2022! The new version is available in the downloads section of the RetailForce website.

The v 1.2.13 of the Fiscal Client contains changes resulting from the DSFinV-K 2.3 – mandatory from 1 July 2022. Furthermore, the Swissbit Fiskal Cloud Connector version 4.0.1 is supported from this release. Since the certification of Swissbit’s FCC 3 is expiring, all systems using the Swissbit Cloud TSE must be updated to FCC version 4 by 31 July 2022 at the latest!

Extensions and features

Release Auditlog – with this release the so-called “Technical Event Log” is published and can now be used productively. In the countries Denmark and France, the technical event log is part of the country-specific fiscal requirements.

Swissbit Fiscal Cloud Connector 4.0.1 supported – As of this release, the Swissbit FCC is supported in the latest, certified version 4.0.1. As mentioned in the introduction, the upgrade to the new FCC version must be made by the end of July this year at the latest, as the certification of the old version 3.x is expiring.

Implementation DSFinV-K 2.3 – all changes in the DSFinV-K version 2.3, which was published on 21 April 2022, are included in the new release. The DSFinV-K is mandatory as of 1 July 2022. See also the BMF letter dated 21 April. Details on the changes can be found in the linked news article on our website.

Standard Test Client GER – The Standard Test Client, which is installed with the fiscal service, now connects to the fiskaly Test Cloud TSE again. This function was deactivated during the migration to fiskaly Cloud TSE 2.0 and is now available again.

Denmark Release Candidate – furthermore, the Fiskal Client Version 1.2.13 contains the Release Candidate for Denmark. With the next version (1.3.0), the Danish country implementation will be officially published.

Changes TrustedFiscalModule

BusinessTransactionType.Discount – from now on discounts have to be sent as part of the position item and not as a separate discount item.

Bulgaria – new fiscal document types have been added for the Bulgaria implementation. Details can be found in the release notes.

Changes TrustesFiscalService

Fiscal Country properties – country-specific information regarding fiscalisation (supported business cases, documents, payment types as well as fiscal documents) can now be queried via the Fiscal Client.

Furthermore, due to the upcoming release of the country extensions for Bulgaria, Denmark and France, the test unit coverage has been greatly increased.

Details on the enhancements and changes can be found, as usual, in the release notes of the current version of the Fiscal Client in the downloads section of our website.