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Release 1.6.5 available

Version 1.6.5 brings with it some significant new features:

RetailForce Cloud

  • The entire cloud infrastructure was upgraded to .NET6.
  • Furthermore, the release notes of all middleware versions are now also available on the portal under the menu item “Information”.
  • Various views in the individual menu items have been added (e.g. terminal overview and search in “Stores”).
  • Austria: in the case of FinanzOnline (FoN) reports, the user who made a particular report is now also logged. In addition, the registration status of signature creation devices with the respective organisation is displayed.


  • The current version contains BETA 2 of the “Trusted Fiscal Country Module Serbia” (TFCM-RS).
  • In addition to V-SDC, local smart cards (E-SDC) are now also supported.

Swissbit TSE 2.0

  • We were the first provider to implement a first BETA version of the Swissbit TSE 2.0. A modified swissbit hardware TSE is used, on which the CSP component (Cryptographic Service Provider) has been deactivated.

The advantages of this solution:

  • TSE can continue to be used even if the certificate term of the CSP expires.
  • No implementation of the environmental protection concept necessary, as the SMAERS component is protected accordingly due to the design of the TSE.

All changes can be found in the Release Notes at:, as well as in the RetailForce Portal.