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Reporting process cash registers – Sweden

The Swedish Tax Agency informed us that from 1 April 2023, due to a stricter application of Section 7 of the Tax Procedure Act, reports on the status of cash registers will only be accepted if they are made by authorised natural persons.

Reports by telephone, letter or e-mail will no longer be accepted.

Reports like:

  • Registration (reporting) of cash registers
  • Change notifications,
  • Error reports
  • Decommissioning (de-report) messages

must be made via the Swedish Tax Agency’s e-service.

Authorised persons

The above messages may only be carried out by authorised persons. These are persons who have e-service access for the corresponding (cash-operating) company.

The e-service can also be used by companies to authorise third parties (natural persons) to carry out cash register declarations / reportings. This person must have a Swedish national insurance number.


Up to now, the reports regarding cash registers were made automatically via our system or the systems of our partner in Sweden. Due to the tightening of the application of the law, notifications can no longer be made automatically, but must be completed by the customer himself via e-service.

We currently provide the data required for the commissioning of cash registers as a file. The data must then be entered in the Swedish Tax Agency’s e-Service Portal. Please note that change, error and decommissioning messages must now also be carried out manually!