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Current release 1.2.11

The latest release of RetailForce Fiscal Middleware is available in the download directory. This version is dedicated to the preparation for the country extensions that will be available soon. You will soon find more information here in the news section of our website.

The most important innovations of this version are that with version 1.2.11:

Fiscal Module

Newly added are fields for company identification, which are used, among other things, to establish the cloud connection of the Fiscal Client. The new fields are:

  • Business identification number and
  • Statistical classification number.

and must be declared as mandatory in certain countries. The identifiers listed above have different meanings for each country. Further information on this can also be found in our Solution Centre:

Technical Journal / Audit Log

As of the current version, the fiscal client can manage a technical journal, also called an audit log, which is required in certain countries. Various events can be transmitted to the middleware for this purpose.

Reprint Count

Some countries require that the number of voucher reprints be recorded. The new version 1.2.11 provides for print count management.

In the course of the extensive revisions of the Fiscal Client with the present version, many test units were also newly created and existing ones revised.

All changes and improvements of this release are listed in the release notes of the current version.