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Information on country implementations

We are currently working on the implementation of fiscalisation regulations in several countries. In the near future, RetailForce Fiscal Middleware can also be used to comply with fiscal laws in the countries of France, Denmark, Sweden and Bulgaria.


Already with version 1.2.11, first preparations for the implementation of the Danish regulation on “Digital Sales Registration Systems” were provided. The upcoming version 1.2.12 of the Fiscal Client represents a first beta version for use in Denmark, the planned major version 1.3 will be the stable version. The RetailForce Fiscal middleware performs the required signing of the receipts, generates a data export in Danish SAF-T format and archives the data securely in the RetailForce Cloud Archive for the entire duration of the legal retention period.


As for Denmark, version 1.2.11 of the Fiscal Client contained changes needed for the implementation of the French fiscal regulations. RetailForce is currently working on the implementation of Infocert’s certification guidelines (NF525). The “Technical Journal” included in the above-mentioned version is required for the implementation of both the Danish and the French requirements. A first beta version for the French implementation will be made available in April. With this, the implementation work can be started and a certification process can be applied for at Infocert.


By around the middle of the year, we will expand our portfolio with another fiscal country implementation. With the connection to a so-called control unit (Danish “Kontrollenheter”) we provide a solution to comply with the Swedish Cash Register Act. In addition to this connection, we archive the fiscal data in accordance with regulations in the secure RetailForce Cloud Archive. Please note: in addition to the use of a control unit, certification of the cash register is required in Sweden.


After we had to pause the work on Bulgaria for the time being due to project reasons, we have now resumed the implementation work. A beta version will soon also be available for the transpositions of the Bulgarian regulations. The first pilot installations have already been commissioned.

Do you need help with the implementation of fiscal regulations in specific countries, or in one of the countries already covered by the RetailForce Fiscal Middleware? We will of course be happy to advise you! Simply write us a message or use the contact form.