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New Fiscal Client Version 1.2.10

The latest version of the RetailForce Fiscal Client is ready for use. Currently, the latest versions can be found, as usual, in the downloads section of the RetailForce website. With one of the next versions, the download area will be moved to its own website.

Main Features

Essentially, this version provides the following changes:

  • Austria: the automatic generation of the annual receipt in the cloud has been revised and improved.
  • General
    • One of the integrated validations of the Fiscal Clients checks whether the sum of the gross and net totals transferred from the POS system corresponds to the receipt total. In order to avoid error messages in case of deviations in this respect, a tolerance range of e.g. a few euro cents can now be defined.
    • With the method “UpdateClientByCloud”, configuration objects changed in the cloud can be updated on the client

As usual, you will find a summary of all changes in the release notes.