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New release of the Fiscal Client – Version 1.2.4.

On 17.11.2021 we unscheduledly published a new release of the Fiscal Client – version 1.2.4. The version is dominated by the Swissbit hardware TSE in the USB form factor.

Seamless TSE exchange

The current update enables a seamless replacement of the swissbit Micro USB TSE if, for example, the certificate has expired. All data on the TSE can be exported. After the new TSE has been plugged in, cashiering can continue without interruption. The function is also available for defective TSEs. If no more data can be retrieved from the memory of the TSE, however, it must be confirmed to continue working without exporting data. Furthermore, improvements to the daily TAR file backup have been implemented in the current version of the middleware.

Firmware Update TSE

The new version 1.2.4. offers a function to upgrade the firmware of the swissbit Micro USB TSE to a new version. The update must be carried out intentionally.

Client recovery

Another security feature is the new Restore by Cloud function. This enables the complete recovery of a Fiscal Client after a hardware defect of the cash register.

Config by Cloud

Furthermore, we have improved the well-known function of configuring Fiscal Clients centrally in the RetailForce Cloud so that configurations can now be validated. After creating a configuration, it can be checked in the terminal view whether the configuration would run without errors when downloaded by an installed client or whether it would lead to an error.

As always, you can find an overview of all changes and improvements in the release notes for the new version at: