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Empower your receipt

The solution to fulfil fiscal requirements across countries.

Your system, one interface, all countries.

Solutions for Fiscalization and more.

With RetailForce’s fiscal middleware, you only need to connect to one single interface. The rest is done by RetailForce’s API.

One Interface

Instead of developing interfaces for each fiscal country, you only connect your system to one interface.

All requirements

RetailForce continuously fulfils all country-specific fiscalisation requirements for you.

Lots of savings

Lots of savings

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We process the data you enter according to your request. Data protection / privacy


RKSV certificates expire

After five years, some certificates of the signature and seal creation units used within the

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Central administration

The RetailForce Fiscal Middleware’s Cloud Management Console provides central administration of your clients, monitoring and backup of the data your systems are creating locally (e.g. DSFinV-K, DEP). 

One central point for automated registering and decommissioning of technical security devices, so that your clients can easily download the necessary configuration.