RetailForce Fiscal Middleware – New Version 1.3.0

The latest version 1.3.0 of our Fiscal Middleware is now available for download at

This version includes releases for the countries:

  • Bulgaria and
  • Denmark.

Beta versions for:

  • France,
  • Poland, and
  • Sweden are also included in v1.3.0.


In addition to the above-mentioned country-extensions, version 1.3.0 is dominated by the Austrian Cash Register Security Ordinance (RKSV). A number of additions and improvements have been implemented, also with regard to the migration from other Fiscal Middleware systems to RetailForce.

Furthermore, the data collection log (“Datenerfassungsprotokoll”) according to §7 RKSV (“DEP7”) can now be checked for validity with the ASIT check tool via the RetailForce Cloud. Descriptions and details will follow in solution articles on our Solution Centre.

Technical Event Log

Starting with version 1.2.12, technical events at the checkout, which are required, for example, for the implementation of the NF525 requirements of Infocert, within the framework of the French “Anti-VAT Fraud Law”, or the law on “Digital Sales Registration Systems” in Denmark, can be transmitted to the RetailForce Middleware.

As of this version, some of these events are now automatically written to the technical event log (audit log) by the Fiscal Client. You can find more information on this in the linked article in our Solution Centre.

As usual, all details on changes, additions and extensions of version 1.3.0 are available in the release notes on our website.

New version – Fiscal Client 1.2.12

In the download area of the RetailForce website you will find the latest version of our Fiscal Client (
The current release 1.2.12 includes functions for the countries Denmark and Bulgaria and is probably the last beta version for the two fiscal countries.
In addition to the country integrations, several improvements have been incorporated to increase the performance of the Fiscal Client – mainly for high-load systems.

RetailForce Cloud

Some changes that have been made to the RetailForce Cloud:

  • Simultaneously with the release of the new client version, configuration objects for Denmark and Bulgaria can now be created in the Cloud Portal.
  • The export of DSFinV-K files in CSV format is now much faster.
  • An additional caption field has been added to the customer entities “Organisation” and “Company” in order to be able to enter brand names of companies.
    We recommend filling the field “Caption 1” with the official company name and “Caption 2” with the brand name.

An overview of all enhancements, improvements and bug fixes can be found in the release notes at